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Using Tony Buzan's approach you will be able to:
Achieve higher levels of creativity, clearer organisation of thoughts, increased concentration and more concise communications through Mind Maps®.
Learn how the use of Mind Maps® can better help you to access your intelligence and to improve dramatically the effectiveness of your other mental abilities.

Remember names, facts and figures using memory techniques which are easy to learn. Read more rapidly and assimilate all the materials you want by using a highly effective method, based on the way your brain works, developed by Tony Buzan. Gain greater insight into your own potential by learning from the principles and techniques used by great minds in the business, sport and creative worlds.

You will be shown ways of applying these principles to improve your own potential for greater success. Tony Buzan's BrainFriendly processes can also introduce you to the critical and essential concept of learning to learn. With this knowledge you will be able to achieve just about anything you set out to do!

Mind Maps® are a technique for accessing your range of intelligence, improving all thinking skills and dramatically improving your memory and creativity.

Who Will Benefit?

Chairpersons, Directors, Managing Directors, Divisional Managers, HR Directors, Marketing, Sales and Communication Managers and other managers who are interested in improving their personal effectiveness.

Group attendance for BUZAN corporate training is recommended as your company would benefit in terms both of work accomplished and from the existence of a 'core group' of trained personnel in your company.
Learn more about how Buzan Learning Techniques can help you.

Mind Mapping®


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