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The following titles are avidly recommended - they will help you on your journey to utilise Mind Maps® and your brain to the fullest and to be more mentally literate!

These books are all availabe at major bookstores.

Brain Child - How Smart Parents Make Smart Kids
With Tony Buzan it’s all brain, no pain!

Research shows that the time and energy you dedicate to your child in the first five years pays off dividends for the next ten. With competition for the best schools stiffening, parents having children later and being more aware of the part they must play in their child's education, there is more and more demand for practical resources like Brain Child.

Tony Buzan, world-renowned inventor Mind Maps®, has written the ultimate 'operations manual' to help parents liberate their child's true brain potential. He explains how the brain develops and the simple things you can do to stimulate your child's multiple intelligences – including social, creative, numerical and physical – and unlock his or her natural genius.

  • Bring out the Leonardo or Einstein in your child
  • Share fun memory games, number skills and Mind Maps®
  • Raise your child to be happy and confident
  • Learn new ways of talking to and reading with your child
  • Let your child love numbers as well as words
  • Watch him or her excel at school and succeed in life

All parents who pick up this book will be inspired and empowered by Tony's understanding of their child's brain and what they can do to fulfil his or her true potential.


Head Strong
By Tony Buzan

Buzan takes you on a guided tour of the human brain and shows you how to help mind and body work in harmony. If you ever wondered how to improve your creativity, physical or mental performance, break bad habits and harness untapped brainpower, this is the book for you!


Head First
By Tony Buzan

Did you know that you have 10 different intelligences, each one more powerful and capable of developoment than you ever imagined? In this eagerly awaited book, Tony takes you through these amazing intelligences, which include creative, social, physical and mathematical intelligences.


How To Mind Map®
by Tony Buzan

Mind Maps® are the ultimate thinking tool for maximising your brainpower and radically improving your performance. In this quick and easy to read book you will see why Mind Mapping® is a revolutionary system of planning and note taking that has changed the lives of millions of people all over the world.


Master Your Memory
By Tony Buzan

Advanced Level - Learn to use Tony's ''Self-enchancing Master Memory Matrix'' to memorise easily up to a staggerig 50,000 pieces of information. Apply this to all you do to improve your general knowledge, self-confidence, creativity and fun!


Mind Maps® for Kids
by Tony Buzan

Mind Mapping® is a breakthrough system of planning and note-taking that cuts homework time in half and makes schoolwork fun!! Mind Maps® are THE magic formula in the classroom: remembering facts and figures is a piece of cake, planning is a doddle and getting stuck for an answer is a thing of the past.

Great for Kids aged 7-14 (and for Teachers/Parents!!).
**Got a birthday coming up?**
What a great present for that special neice or nephew!


The Mind Map® Book (Fully Illustrated Colour Version)
By Tony and Barry Buzan

This full-colour illustrated 2003 edition has just been updated and introduces you to the fundamental operational principles of your brain, showing you how to understand, develop and use them to your enormous advantage.


The Mind Map® Book (standard edition)
By Tony and Barry Buzan

THE comprehensive guide to Mind Maps® by the inventor himself. Beautifully Illustrated. Exciting new ways to use and improve your memory, concentration and creativity in planning and structuring thought on all levels.


The Power of Creative Intelligence
10 Ways To Tap Into Your Creative Genius
By Tony Buzan

Did you know the number of ideas it is possible for your brain to create is greater than the number of atoms in the known universe? Creativity is not just painting a picture or playing an instrument - it can be part of every decision you take!

This book is full of fun games and tools to help you make the most of your own creativity. When you are creative, you are full of energy, enthusiasm and ideas!


The Power of Social Intelligence
10 Ways To Tap Into Your Social Genius
By Tony Buzan

This book shows you how to: improve every aspect of your social skills, both in relationships and at work; become more confident; have a more active and successful social life; and become a better communicator and a fearless public speaker.


The Power of Spiritual Intelligence
10 Ways To Tap Into Your Spiritual Genius
By Tony Buzan

With this book you can: learn to truly know yourself and those around you; develop a compassionate, rather than an aggressive attitude; relate more deeply to the world around you, and acquire a global vision; discover ways to refresh your soul daily and how humour can help you be more spiritual!


The Power of Physical Intelligence
10 Ways To Tap Into Your Physical Genius
By Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan shows us that physical intelligence is a quality we all share. We can temporarily loose it - but it can always be regained. It consists of overall physical fitness, balance, agility and co-ordination, anticipation, reaction time, strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness.


The Power of Verbal Intelligence
10 Ways To Tap Into Your Verbal Genius
by Tony Buzan

Simple techniques to help improve your recall and how to be brilliant with words - reading, speaking, remembering and understanding them! Includes the best of Buzan's world-famous techniques for improving recall and understanding. Increase your vocabulary!


Use Your Memory
By Tony Buzan

Use Your Memory teaches you how to improve your memory for names, numbers, dates and lists, and also for speeches, articles, poetry, and whole books. There are sections for card players, for people learning new languages and is particularly useful for school and university students throughout their studies, and especially during review and examination times.


Use Your Head
By Tony Buzan

Use Your Head will teach you the vital skills of Learning How to Think and Learn. Whether you are a student seeking to improve your study skills, a manager keen to increase your creative thinking and problem solving capacity, or someone with an interest in making the best of your brain, Use Your Head will provide you with both the confidence and the means to fulfil your own mental potential.


The Speed Reading Book
By Tony Buzan

A completely new approach based on techniques which use the brain and eyes more effectively to quicken reading speed and increase comprehension, while at the same time expanding your general knowledge.


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