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The need for Mental Training

Mental training, like physical training, assists in the development of skills for a multitude of practical purposes. When you train your memory and train your imagination, there is a remarkable increase in concentration, study skills and creativity, while simultaneously raising your IQ.

Benefits of training your memory...
When properly applied and used to their full extent, memory techniques allow people to:

  • Remember names and faces of the people they meet. The sweetest word in the English Language is the sound of your own name. Remembering the names of the people you meet is vital for business networking and relationship building.
  • Retain information from training sessions. It has been estimated that 80% of annual training budgets are wasted because people forget the information covered during training sessions. Increase the value of training sessions by increasing your recall.
  • Remember lists - whether it is a to do list, a shopping list, or a list of things employees must do in case of emergency, these techniques greatly improve peoples ability to remember items in sequence.
  • Use Mind Maps® to aid your recall in many situations- including you need to remember the contents meetings, seminars, books or professional journals.

Mind Mapping®


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