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Do you wish to dramatically increase your reading speed?

Reading Speed is not just something you were born with. It is trainable and able to be developed just like any other faculty. Moreover, reading is to the brain as aerobic training is to the body - by increasing your reading speed you will likely find yourself with better concentration and memory, sharper thinking and analytical skills, and able to save days, weeks, or even months of time keeping up with your reading.

If you are like most people then you will have a stack of unread reports or articles in your inbox or desk drawer. These regularly get moved to the unread pile of magazines and newspapers in the corner of the room, next to your book shelf full of books and textbooks, of which most have only been read to chapter 3. If this describes you then you are one of the millions of people that could benefit from learning how to read faster. Buzan's speed reading techniques have been shown to not only increase your reading speed, but to also allow better retention and comprehension of the things you read.

Tony Buzan's speed reading techniques are based upon forty years research into how your eyes actually function and upon how your eyes interact with your brain. Buzan's techniques are entirely natural and more in tune with how your mind actually works that many of the 'ordinary' slow reading techniques that most people use.

The benefits of reading at different ranges/speeds:

  1. Improves your reading speed dramatically.
  2. Improves and maintains your comprehension.
  3. Increases your understanding of the functions of your eyes and your brain, in order to help you use them far more effectively while reading and studying, and also to improve them in your everyday personal and professional life.
  4. Helps you improve both your general knowledge and your vocabulary.
  5. Saves you time.
  6. Gives you confidence.

Case Studies:

Over the years Tony Buzan has taught speed and range reading techniques in over fifty countries to people ranging from 3 year old children to chief executives. One example was of a sixteen year old called Ian, after learning Tony Buzan's techniques his reading speed went up from the average - about 250 Words Per Minute (WPM) to over 1000 WPM. His reading improved so much that he was often able to read a book in a single sitting.


Buzan's innovative approaches to this important subject make it easy to understand, immediately applicable to all aspects of your life, and fun as well!

Buzan's techniques allow speeds of over 1000 WPM , and are suitable for students, teachers, executives - indeed anyone eager to improve their speed, comprehension, and quality of their reading.

How can I learn more?

The Buzan Centre: Singapore offers a range of books and training courses to help you improve you reading skills. If you would like to learn more email us or click here for an overview of the training program.

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