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Buzan is both determined and passionate in pursuing its goal - to change the way the world learns - for the better!

We are equipping education institutions, families and businesses with the tools, techniques and strategies they need to expand their mind and positively make a difference in the world of learning.

Buzan Learning Techniques!
... Your brain is a sleeping giant. Many experts believe that we use as little as 1% of our full potential. You have probably spent between 1,000 and 10,000 hours formally learning economics, history, languages, literature, mathematics and political sciences etc. Yet, you will probably only have spent 0 to 10 hours learning:
  • creative thinking applied to different disciplines
  • concentration as a function of time
  • memory performance during and after the assimilation of information
  • the relationship between brain functions and ageing
  • the art of communication for memory
  • the nature of vision and it's application to different types of reading
  • comprehensive approaches to study and technical reading
  • the effect of our modes of thought on habit patterns and change

What about your concentration and comprehension? You have been given content NOT process. Taught what, but not how to learn!
Statistics show that, on average, executives spend:

  • 30% of their time reading and sorting through information
  • 20% of their time solving problems and thinking creatively
  • 20% of their time communicating.

It is essential that these skills be learned, that the brain be trained.

Mind Mapping®


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